• Erich Lehner
  • Thomas Gesterkamp
  • Raewyn Connell


  • >> 21.October 2011 | 11.15-12.45h | FH Joanneum, Audimax
  • >> 21.October 2011 | 9.15-10.45h | FH Joanneum, Audimax
  • >> 20.October 2011 | 10.30-12.00h | FH Joanneum, Audimax






The conference wants to actively contribute to the debate on different concepts of masculinity to promote gender democracy and dialogue between the sexes. The conference also promotes questioning one’s own theories-in-use of masculinity (and femininity), recognizing the influence of social conditions on the construction of gender identity, and discussing the prospects to implement current standards of gender-specific work. Merging theory and practice provides the tools essential for working with boys and men in a professional, reflexive, and diversity-oriented way.

 Verein Männerberatung Graz 

Studiengänge und Transferzentrum für  Soziale Arbeit an der FH JOANNEUM