• Erich Lehner
  • Thomas Gesterkamp
  • Raewyn Connell


  • >> 21.October 2011 | 11.15-12.45h | FH Joanneum, Audimax
  • >> 21.October 2011 | 9.15-10.45h | FH Joanneum, Audimax
  • >> 20.October 2011 | 10.30-12.00h | FH Joanneum, Audimax




Thu, 10/20/2011 - 13:30

WS5 Men’s Health

Men’s health is more and more in the focus of public perception: fitness magazines, low-cholesterol food, potence drugs…. are heavily advertised. Under the current social conditions this raises various gender-relevant questions to be discussed in this workshop: How are phenomena and problems of men’s health treated by the media? Which other relevant areas are neglected? What are the requirements of a holistic health care, and which concepts of masculinity are relevant? What is the state of health within the group of socially deprived men and what can be done? How does the criticism of harmful traditional male role models add to progressing neoliberal tendencies of individualization of social problems and their commercialization?


 Verein Männerberatung Graz 

Studiengänge und Transferzentrum für  Soziale Arbeit an der FH JOANNEUM